Sunday On Ramp/Weekly Prep: May 1, 2016

(A) Intro

(B) Mobility @ CrossFIt V16

(C) Tight Core

  • Superman -> Superman Rocks
  • Hollow Body -> Hollow Rocks

(D) Building Strength with the Barbell

  • Air Squat -> Back Squat -> Front Squat
  • Press -> Push Press -> Thrusters
  • Deadlift -> Sumo Deadlift
  • How to bail out of a lift

(E) Rowing

  • Technique
  • Rowing for distance
  • Rowing for calories

(F) Experiencing Types of Workouts

  • High Intensity for 10s or <: The sled push
  • High Intensity for 10s or <: Trainer's Choice of Lift ... Work up to a heavy set of 2 or 3
  • High Intensity for 20s or <: Trainer's Choice of Movements for Tabata
  • HIgh Intensity for > 20s: Trainer's Choice of 6 Minute AMRAP

SkillStrength Week 5: April 24-30, 2016

Are you sitting at home doing nothing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? We are grilling, eating, talking, drinking, partying in the CrossFit space from 1-7 p.m. Get your ass over here.

Changes to programming:

  • New Pull Up Program for next 8 weeks.
  • Some days are now split into CrossFit and Weightlifting. Typically, the CrossFit days will have powerlifting movements, sometimes superset with other movements.
  • Some days will have Weightlifting Conditioning/Advanced CrossFit workouts post class time. You must work with the trainer to be as out of the way as possible to do this extra work. If you can't do these workouts Rx, you probs ain't ready. Thems the breaks. Focus on putting in more quality and effort into the one hour class and do the other supplemental work.
SS Week 5

Sunday On Ramp/Weekly Prep: April 24, 2016

On Ramp 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

BBQ Fundraiser Kickoff 1-7 p.m. find out how to donate (over next 3 weeks) and what torture tools we aim to buy when our cash works together (friendsies!).


(A) Intro

(B) Mobility @ V16

(C) Isometric Holds

  • Plank: Hands and Forearm
  • Plank: One Arm (Push up minus an arm) Vs. Side Plank
  • Superman Hold and Rocks
  • Hollow Body and Rocks
  • L-Tuck and L-Sit

(D) Core

  • Ab Mat Sit-Ups
  • Russian (Plate Overhead) Sit-Ups
  • Candlesticks

(E) Inverted

  • Wall Climbers/Walks/Walkers (A rose by any other name ...)
  • Hand Stands: Wall Facing and Back Facing

(F) Rings

  • Ring Turn Outs
  • RIng Dips
  • Ring Rows

(G) Pull Up Bar

  • Negative Chin Ups
  • Negative Pull Ups

(H) Kettlebells

  • Russian Two Arm Swing
  • Russian One Arm Swing

(I) Barbell

  • Press
  • Front Squat
  • Deadlift: Sumo and Conventional