Sunday Weekly Prep: August 21-27, 2016

Hour 1

(A) Meet and Greet

(B) Intro to CrossFit

(C) Mobility Cycle

(D) Plank -> Wall Walk to Handstand -> Kicking Up to Handstand -> Handstand Hold

(E) Deadlift -> Hand Power Clean -> Press -> Push Press

(F) Air Squats -> Goblet Squats -> Russian Swings

Hour 2

(A) 5 Minute Intermission (Regulars: Roll Out) ... On Rampers and Regulars will now spend hour two going through a regular CrossFit class

(B) Mobility

(C) Demo and Practice: Rowing for Calories

(D) Demo and Practice: Wall Balls

(E) Demo and Practice: Ab Mat Sit Ups

(F) 3 Rounds of: 1 Min Max Cal Row, 1 Min Max Wall Balls, 1 Min Max Sit Ups, 1 Min Rest

(G) Trainer Led Mobility/Cooldown

The Engine, Week 9 of 16: August 14-20, 2016

Weeks 9-16 ... oh, my. What can I tell you? There are no rest days on our calendar but there should be rest days on yours. Listen to your body. Come to class to create a stress/stimulus so that when you recover, you are stronger than before.

3-days-on, 1-day-off works for most people.
So does
Monday-Friday, weekend off
Or any 4 days during the work week and either Saturday or Sunday.

We got rid of our scheduled rest days because you guys have crazy schedules, so we want you to have a group fitness class to come to every day of the week. Don't make us regret this change by running your body into the ground.

This week:

Sunday Weekly Prep: August 14-20, 2016

On Ramp/Weekly Prep

Hour 1 — Instruction:

(A) Meet and Greet

(B) Intro to CrossFit

(C) Gymnastic Mobility + Hollow Body and Superman

(D) Plank, Push Ups, Burpees, Push Up Burpees

(E) Playing with the Parallettes: Holds and Transitions

(F) Playing with the Rings: Ring Push Ups, Ring Dips, Holds on the Rings

(G) Med Ball Cleans and Wall Balls

Hour 2 — Experience a CrossFit Class (Starts @ 11:15 ... Regulars are welcomed to join here)

(A) Roll Out

(B) Mobility

(C) Demo and Practice: Deadlifts, Sumo Deadlifts, Wall Walks

(E) Find Sumo Deadlift weight for workout

(F) 5 Rounds for Time

10 Sumo Deadlift 155/105
9 Med Ball Cleans
8 Wall Balls
2 Wall Walks

(G) 800m Cooldown Jog

(H) Trainer Led Mobility