WOD: Friday, November 8, 2013

(A) In 15 minutes, find a 3RM Push Jerk

(B) In 13 minutes, find a

  • 3 Rep Max Weighted Pull-Up OR 
  • 3 Rep Max Barbell Row

(C) In 7 minutes

  • 3x3 Weighted Pull-Ups @ 75-80% of 3RM OR 
  • 3x5 Barbell Row @ 80-85% of 3RM

(D) AMRAP Ladder in 7 Minutes of

  • x Push-Up (Comp: Hand Stand Push-Ups) 
  • x Pull-Up or Barbell Row 85lbs./63lbs.  (Comp: Toes-to-Bar)
  • Where x = the round you're on. So in the 1st round you do ONE of each movement, in the 2nd, TWO of each movement, in the 3rd, THREE, etc.

(E) Optional, after class, and upstairs:

  • Zottman Curls 3x10 @ heavy but controllable weight, then...
  • Zottman Curls 3x8 @ heavy but controllable weight (these sets may be heavier than first sets or lighter)

(F) Comp: 13 Minute Row Cool Down

Mighty Wall Pass.  Photo by Rafael Vega