WOD: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spend less than 10 minutes warming up as most of the class will be drilling with light weight.

(A) Snatch Quad Stretch x2 (<5min)

  • 10 second squat with barbell on quads
  • 10 seconds in overhead position
  • 10 seconds in overhead squat

(B) Snatch 3-Pause Drills x3 (<5min)

  • Pause 1 @ Shins
  • Pause 2 above Knees
  • Pause 3 @ Hips

(C) Snatch Quad Drills (<5min)

  • Quad Muscle Snatch x2
  • Quad Power Snatch x2
  • Quad Power Snatch + Overhead Squat x2
  • Quad Squat Snatch x2

(D) Snatch Drop and Snatch Balance (<5min)

  • Drop x3
  • Balance x3

(E) Clean 3-Pause Drill (<5min)

  • Pause 1 @ Shins
  • Pause 2 above Knees
  • Pause 3 @ High Thigh or Hips

(F) Clean Quad Complex Drill x3 (<5min)

  • Muscle + Power + Squat = 1 Set

(G) Jerk Balance 3x3 (<5min)

  • Emphasize step-through

(H) Split Jerks 3x3 (<5min)

  • Emphasize step-through AND pushing your body down, under the barbell

(I) OPTIONAL CONDITIONING (Do not do if you are coming on Thursday),  4 Rounds for Time

  • 50m Farmer's Walk pinching two rubber plates, one in each hand (you may not hold these from the center loop) (any weight; should be tough but not impossible to grip plates)
  • 20 Slam Balls 20/15 lbs.
  • 15 Burpees
  • 10 Rotational Wall Side Passes (5 per side) (any weight)


  • IF coming tomorrow: 10 Minute Row at Casual Pace
  • IF NOT coming tomorrow: 20 Minute Row at 70% Sustained Effort

Val. Sit-up Epiphany. Photo by Rafael Vega