CrossFit V16, 2013 Review and 2014 Preview

We spent the inaugural months of CrossFit V16 getting a whole lot stronger. Many of you beat your previous 1 Rep Maxes in sets of 3, 4 and even 5 repetitions (some of you several times over). Your Olympic lifts also got a hell of a lot more technically sound, with many of you making it a point to come on weightlifting skill days. I think I heard at least one person say, "the snatch finally makes sense," after every weightlifting session. You guys have been great students. Now it's time to become great athletes.

Moving into 2014, we're going to change things a bit by:

  • Adding more gymnastics skills and progressions into the mix
  • Adding a power emphasis to the strength portion of your workouts (big lifts + fast lifts)
  • Adding a speed element to conditioning ... if you can't do it at high intensity, you're going to be asked to scale. Until the end of the CrossFit Open, MOVING SLOW IS THE ENEMY
  • Adding optional Two-a-Days to increase aerobic capacity and lifting volume

We already made some of these changes during Monday and Tuesday's workouts. I've gotten two reactions to these changes:

  1. I ate everything in my fridge.
  2. I am so tired!

To stay healthy, I'm going to ask you to:

  • Learn to back off when you need extra rest
  • Become mobility and soft tissue ninjas at home (stretching, rolling out, yoga, LaX ball, yoga therapy balls, etc.)
  • Eat and sleep like a champ

Otherwise, you're going to look like this every day and absolutely hate me:

Joe. WOD hangover. Photo by Rafael Vega

Happy New Year! See you Thursday!