WOD: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today is either a rest day, active recovery, or barbell skill work with optional conditioning.

A note about the gymnastic work we've been doing: Be patient. Just the way we don't care to do (Olympic) weightlifting with bad form, we're not going to care to learn muscle ups, handstands, or pull-up variations with piss poor technique. Focus on learning proper movement patterns, nailing the fundamentals, and everything will fall into place. Oh, and stop thinking of the muscle up as some holy grail. Building it up in your head will do you no favors.

Wednesday's WOD:

(A) Quad Clean Stretch and Quad Snatch Work

(B) Barbell Quad Snatches

  • 2x5 Muscle
  • 2x5 Power
  • 2x5 Power + Overhead Squat
  • 2x5 Squat Snatch

(C) 3-Pause Snatch

(D) Snatch Drop and Snatch Balance

(E) Optional Conditioning

5 Rounds For Time

  • 20 Slam Balls
  • 15 Barbell Push Presses 45/33
  • 10 Lateral Jumps Over Parallette

Thanks for all the love. 1/28/2014