WOD: Friday, January 10, 2014

(A) Quad Snatch Stretch

(B) Skills and Drills: Pulling Under the Bar in the Snatch

  • Snatch Drop 2x5 w/Barbell (Sub: Dowel)
  • Snatch Balance 2x5 w/Barbell (Sub: Dowel)
  • High Hang Power Snatch 2x5 w/Barbell (Sub: Dowel)

For the High Hang Power Snatch, work on driving the head back at extension and then through as you pull under the bar

(C) Mid-Thigh Hang Power Snatch (Novice Athletes and Beginners, you may work on a 5RM Overhead Squat and/or Front Squat instead of Parts (C) and (D) OR practice Snatches at lighter weights/percentages)

  • 1x4 @ 50%
  • 1x3 @ 60%
  • 1x3 @ 70%
  • 1x3 @ 80%
  • 1x2 @ 85%
  • 1x2 @ 80%

(D) Find a 10 Rep Max Front Squat in 10 Minutes

  • You should be plenty warmed up from Part (C) to start at a moderate to heavy(ish) weight

Choose either Conditioning (E) or Strength (F) or Go Home (G)

(E) Conditioning: No Rope Annie for Time

50-40-30-20-10 of

  • Lateral Jumps over Parallettes (if there are not enough, sub with a barbell loaded with 25 pound plates)
  • Sit-Ups

(F) Good Mornings, Heavy

  • 1x15
  • 2x10
  • 2x8
  • 2x6

(G) Go Home: Skip (E) and (F) if you're spent from the last few days (or the last week and a half) and either do mobility upstairs or go home early.

Colleen. Thrusters! Photo by Rafael Vega