WOD and Weekly Preview: Monday, October 27, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

(C) Kettlebell Snatch Practice

(D) For Time


  • Russian Swings
  • Burpees

(E) Set-Up for Fran

(F) Fran (10 minute time limit)

21-15-9 of

  • Thrusters 95/65/85/55 (M/W/MM/MW)
  • Pull-Up (Sub: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with Thruster weight)

(G) 5 min rest

(H) 800m Jog/Run (Jog first 400, increase speed to a fast run for last 400m)

(I) 6x 100m Sprints, jog 100m after every sprint, then 20 hollow rocks

After class supplemental:

  1. GymNASTY mobility
  2. 5 minutes of soft tissue work

Quarter 4, Week 5