WOD: Friday, October 31, 2014

Do you want to do something special for Halloween? Do double Fran. If not:

(A) GymNASTY mobility

(B) Clean and Jerk Drills

(C) Complex 1: 5-7 Sets of 1 Clean, 2 Push Press, 2 Front Squat, 1 Jerk/Split Jerk

(D) Complex 2: 4-6 Sets of 1 Clean, 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk (Build on the Weight from Complex 1)

(E) Back Squats 3-3-3-3-3-3

Got quads? After class SWOL legs work:

  1. 2 Rounds: 1 min Max Barbell Front Squat 55-75, 1 min Max Lunges 55-75
  2. 5x10 Snatch Grip Press alternating with 5x MaxRep Dumbbell Rows
  3. 5x12/Side Kettlebell Side Bends
  4. 4x20 Reverse Hypers off bench, 4x25 Hollow Rocks

K. Toes to bar. Photo by Rafael Vega