WOD: Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility (10 min)

(C) Balance Work, 50s ON, 10s OFF

  • One Leg Stand Non Dominant Leg (eyes open)
  • One Leg Stand Dominant Leg (eyes open)

(D) GymNASTY Holds, 90s ON, 30s OFF

  • Hollow Body
  • Superman

(E) Turkish Get Ups (7 min), work towards a heavy get up

(F) Conditioning (18 min time limit)

4 Rounds for Time of

  • 1 Turkish Get Up Left
  • 1 Turkish Get Up Right
  • 30 Unbroken Wall Balls (Odd Rounds) OR 30 Burpees (Even Rounds)
  • 1 minute forearm plank hold
  • 1 minute rest

(G) 100m Row Relay ... Cycle through as many 100m Rows with your classmates with remaining class time

  • ROWER 2 is BROKEN. Don't use it!!

After Class

  1. 3x10 GHD Sit Ups alternating with ...
  2. 3x10 GHD Back Extensions and ...
  3. Bench Reverse Hypers 3x10-15

Forrest. Bloody deadlifts. Photo by Rafael Vega