WOD: Thursday, October 9, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

(C) Clean and Jerk Drills

(D) Complex 1: 5-7 Sets of 1 Clean, 1 Push Press, 1 Front Squat, 1 Jerk/Split Jerk

(E) Complex 2: 5-7 Sets of 1 Clean, 1 Jerk, 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk

(F) 5 Min: Max Rep Heavy KB Swings

After Class Accessory Work

  1. Non-Stop Squats 55-75 Pounds: for 4 Min do continuous squats without resting at the top
  2. Good Mornings 55-75 Pounds: for 3 Minutes do continous good mornings, loading posterior chain making sure to lock out hips and finish with tight glutes
  3. Single Leg Leg-Extensions, 5 Sets of: Max Rep Non-Dominant Leg, then match w/dominant leg @ medium-light to medium weight

Brad. Overhead Squats. Photo by Rafael Vega