WOD and Weekly Preview: November 10, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

(C) GymNASTY Holds

30s Plank Hold
30s Max Burpees
30s Forearm Plank Hold
30s Max Push Ups
30s Air Squat Hold
30s Air Squats
30s Hollow Body Hold
30s Tuck Ups
30s Hollow Body Hold
30s Superman Hold

(D) Ring Row, Pull Up, MU Progressions and Practice

(E) Rest

(F) Handstand Holds and Handstand Practice

(G) Handstand Push-Ups and Progressions ... Handstand Push Up ladder 2-4-6-8-10

(H) Four Stations, 90s ON, 30s OFF. Stay at each station for 2 straight intervals of same movement (8 intervals total).

  1. Max Wall Balls
  2. Max C2B Pull Ups
  3. Max Double Unders
  4. Max Dips

GloboGym Supplemental

  1. Bicep Curls: Warm Up, then 4x3-5 Reps, Heavy
  2. Zottman Curls (3x8-12), (2x Max Out, Light), to Medium Light Weight ... Alternate with 3x8-12 Tricep Extension Using Same/Close to Same weight

Quarter 4, Week 7.