WOD: Monday, December 15, 2014

(A) GymNASTY mobility

(B) Barbell Snatch Warm Up: Press x5, Behind Neck Snatch Grip Press x5, Back Squat x5, Front Squat, Overhead Squat x5, Muscle Snatches x5, Snatch x5

(C) Snatch Triples 3x3 @ 60%; 2x3 @75%, 2x2 @ 80%

(D) Snatch Singles 2x1 @ 80%, 90%

(E) Back Squat 4-4-3-3--2-1

Bro Time:

3x10 GHD 3 second pause Sit Ups (start and finish on horizontal plane; pause it n horizontal plane), alternating with 3x10 Weighted 3 second pause Back Extensions

5x7 Snatch Grip behind the neck Press