WOD: Friday, February 7, 2014

Never touched a kettlebell? This is a great day to start!

(A) Turkish Get Ups

  • Start on you non-dominant arm
  • Hit all the positions
  • Work up to the heaviest weight you can handle with great form

(B) Russian and American KB Swings Demo and Practice

  • Bad shoulders? Mobility issues? Skip the American Swing
  • 2 Minute Tabata: Russian Swings

(C) KB Snatch, KB Press, KB Push Press, KB Clean & J Demo and Practice

  • Focus on getting the kettlebell to glide into your forearm
  • 10 x KB Snatches/Side
  • 10 x KB Clean & Jerks/Side

(D) KB Goblet Squats, KB Thrusters, and 1 & 2 KB Overhead Squats  Demo and Practice

  • 10 x KB Goblet Squat
  • 10 x KB Thruster
  • 5 x 1 KB Overhead Squat/Side (One arm holds a KB, other arm used for balance)
  • Bonus 5 x 2 KB Overhead Squat (Both arms hold KBs)

(E) 8x40 second max effort Row for Calories

Michael. Focused. Photo by Rafael Vega