WOD: Saturday, February 15, 2014

(A) Find a Full Depth (as deep as you can go w/o breaking form) Back Squat 4 RM

(B) Back Squat Back Off Sets

  • 2x4 @90%
  • 2x10 @ 70-75%

(C) Back Step Lunges, Heavy 3x16

  • Alternate legs each rep
  • Step off a 35 or 45 lb. plate for the last set if you can handle the extra height

(D) Conditioning For Time:

4 Rounds (Intermediate and Advanced Athletes: 5 Rounds) of

  • 15 Russian Swings 1.5/1.0
  • 15 Tuck-Ups

Two-A-Day: Accumulate 1-2K of Swimming, Row 3-4K, or Run/Jog 6-8K

Devan. Wall Balls. Photo by Rafael Vega