WOD: Thursday, March 20, 2014

CrossFit Open workout 14.4 will be announced today at 5 p.m. Pacific. We will be doing this workout on Friday and Saturday. Stay tuned for details.

(A) Planks!

(B) Turkish Get-Ups Demo and Practice

  • Work your way up to a challenging but managable weight, then 5 sets per side @ that weight

(C) Russian KB Swings

  • Two Arm Demo and Practice
  • One Arm Demo and Practice
  • 3 Rounds for time of
    • 10 x 2-Hand Swings
    • 10 x 1-Hand Swings

(D) Pull Ups

  • 3 Sets of: Max Rep Strict Pull-Ups/Banded Pull-Ups

(D) Push Ups and L-Holds/L-Sits


  • 2 Sets of Max Rep Deficit Push Ups (Use two Kettlebells) ... Stop short of failure; Skip Push-Ups if you are doing 14.4 on Friday
  • 2 Sets of Max L-Sit from Parallettes (Stop Push Up sets short of failure)

(E) 1 Mile Cooldown Jog (Sub: Relaxed 2K Row)

Phil, a.ka. Venice Beach. Body Slam Burpees. Photo by Rafael Vega