WOD and Weekly Preview: Monday, March 31, 2014

(A) L-Hold Review and Test

(B) Quick Review of

  • Plank
  • Rolling out of hand stand
  • Perfect Wall Facing Hand Stand
    • Shoulders to ears
    • No arched back
    • Toes Pointing Up
    • Wide Hands
    • Pressure on Finger Tips
  • Jumping Clavical-to-Bar Pull Ups
    • Use as little legs as possible
    • Use as much control coming down as possible
  • L-Sit Tuck Hold
    • Standard: Holding L-Sit w/ hands on floor, fingers pointing back
    • Mod 1: Fingers pointing towards Feet
    • Mod 2: Using parallettes
  • Perfect Push-Ups
    • No arched back
    • Chest to ground
    • Full lock out

(C) Rotate through each of the 5 Stations Below for 3 Rounds, Spending 90 Seconds Total Working and Resting at each Station Per Round:

  1. 25-30s Plank
  2. Perfect Wall Facing Hand Stand Hold 25-30s
  3. 5-8 Jumping Clavical-to-Bar Pull-Ups,
  4. L-Sit Tuck Hold
    If max hold in (A) = 8-12s, hold for 6-8s
    If max hold in (A) = 13-18s, hold for 9-12s
    If max hold in (A) = 19-25s, hold for 12-16s
    If max hold in (A) = 26-33s, hold for 16-20s
  5. Perfect Push Ups 8-15 (Once back Arches, the set is over)

(D) Follow your branch. If you don't have an assigned branch, your branch is "CF as Rx"

  • CF as Rx: 4 Rds of 200m Run, 20 Ball Slams, 15 Burpees, 10 Air Squats
  • Lean Machine: 3 Rds of 500m Row, 30 Russian Swings, 15 Burpees .... THEN Rest 2 Minutes and Row 1K
  • Get SWOL: In 10 Minutes, Find a 5RM Press, THEN 3-4x5 @ 90% in the next 10 minutes