WOD: Thursday, March 6, 2014

CrossFit Open 14.2 is announced Thursday @ 5 p.m.

Open athletes, if you're planning on doing 14.2 for an official score on Friday, today is a good day to take off or go very easy.

(A) 2x 500m Row @ 18-20 S/M (5 Minute Time Limit)

  • Can incorporate this into warm-ups for large classes

(B) One Minute On, One Minute Off for Max Reps or Calories

  • STATION 1: 3x1 Minute Row for Calories
  • STATION 2: 3x1 Minute Max Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55 (if it's raining, use KBs 2pood/1.5 pood to conserve indoor space)
  • STATION 3: 3x1 Minute L-Hold Off Parallettes
  • STATION 4: 3x1 Minute Max Russian KB Swings

(C) 1600m Cooldown Jog

Teressa. 14.1. Photo by E. Goodwin.