WOD: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(A) Drills 1:

  • Quad Clean Stretch
  • 3 Pause/Position Cleans
  • Quad Cleans

(B) Drills 2:

  • Press, Push Press
  • Tall Jerks
  • Power Jerks
  • Tall Split Jerks
  • Split Jerks

(C) EMOTM Split Jerks starting at 50% of 1RM (Max 15 Minutes)

  • Add 10 lbs. each minute
  • Add 5 lbs. each minute when 10 feels like to big of a jump


(D) L Holds from Parallettes and Pull-Up Bar

  • Accumulate 70 seconds of each hold in 5 minutes

(E) 4 Minute Tabata: Alternating Dips/Ring Dips and Strict Pull Ups

  • Large classes: Half the class should start on (E), half on (F)

(F) Accumulate 40 Single Unders with Outlaw Rope

(G) Cooldown Jog

Outlaw Rope. Photo by Rafael Vega