WOD: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Forecast: More rain!

(A) Skill and Warm Up: Hollow Body and Plank Hold

4 Minute Tabata, alternating

  • 20 Second Plank Hold
  • 20 Second Hollow Body Hold

(B) Skill and Warm Up: Turkish Get Ups

  • 6 Minutes of Practice

(C) Rotate through the following four stations for 4 Rounds, taking 30-90 second rest between them

  1. Perfect Wall Facing Hand Stand Hold 25-30 seconds
  2. 5-8 Jumping Clavical-to-Bar Pull-Ups (3-5 second controlled descent)
  3. L-Sit or L-Tuck Hold (6-8 seconds less than your test time on Monday)
  4. Perfect Push Ups 5-12 (3-5 second controlled descent, protract shoulders/arms at top)

(D) Kettlebell Snatch Demo and Practice

  • 50 Kettlebell snatches for time

CrossFit Open. 14.5 T-Shirt. Photo by Rafael Vega