WOD: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(A) 10 Min Trainer's Choice Warm-Up

(B) SKILL: Straight Bridge -> Table Top -> Full Bridge

(C) GYMNASTICS: Rotate through each of the 4 Stations Below for 3 Rounds, Resting 30-60 Seconds after each attempt at each station:

  1. Perfect Wall Facing Hand Stand Hold w/ Roll out 30-35s
  2. 5-8 Jumping Clavicle-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  3. L-Sit Holds for 6-10 Seconds LESS than Max Hold
  4. Perfect Push Ups 8-15 (Descending over 5-8 seconds)


  1. If you have mastered the Wall Facing Handstand, practice Shoulder Taps, end with a roll out
  2. If you can do a strict pull-up to clavicle, skip jumping up and pull to position instead
  3. If you can hold an L-Sit for 40 seconds off parallettes, begin L-Sits on Rings with turn out
  4. If you can control your push ups on the descent for 5 seconds for 5 reps, begin controlling the ascent for 3-5 seconds per rep

(D) Performance, Lean Machine, and SWOL

Alternating with rest as needed:

  • 5x100m Runs/Sprints
  • 5x150m Row (Fast Start)
  • 5x20 Russian KB Swings (SWOL: Go heavy on these: 2.0/1.5)

Nadya. Kettlebell Press. Photo by Rafael Vega