WOD: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(A) 4 Minutes of Soft Tissue Work with Rollers and LaX Ball

Please start this as soon as you arrive

(B) Gymnastics Warm-Up

  • Deep Lunge Sequence (x5/side)
  • Side Lunge Sequence (x5/side, x5/side w/ toes pointed up on extended leg)
  • Pigeon x10 per side
  • Wall Squat x20
  • Shoulder Dislocates (Dowel or Band), Wrist Drills
  • Cat Cows x10

(C) Tabata, Holds. Cycle through the following 4 holds, 20s ON, 10s OFF

  • Hollow Body
  • Plank Hold (1 Arm, 1 Leg)
  • Wall Facing HS
  • Round Body (Face Down, Round Upper Back, Toes 1" Off Ground)

(D) GymNASTY Tabata, Holds. Cycle through the following 4 holds or movements, 20s ON, 10s OFF

  • Frog Stand
  • Controlled Push-Ups
  • L-Sit
  • Bridge (Do not hold, move in and out of extension)


  • Controlled Pull-Ups: Jumping Pull-Ups -> Pull-Ups -> L-Sit Pull Ups -> Ring Pull-Ups -> Rings Wide Pull-Ups -> Rings Wide L-Sit Pull-Up -> Archer Pull-Ups (w/False Grip)
  • Handstand Holds and Walk Progressions: Wall Facing Handstands -> Shoulder Taps -> Head Stand Hold (No wall) -> Wall Press Stradles -> Free Standing Straddle Handstand to Handstand (You may elevate the feet on a box before kicking up)
  • Ring Rows: Ring Rows -> Ring Rows + Elevated Feet/Wide Ring Rows (Elbows pull out near arm pit level) -> Archer Ring Rows -> Straddled One Arm Pull-ups
  • Headstand/Handstand Push-Ups: Controlled Negative Headstand -> Controlled Headstands -> Negative Parallette Handstand -> Parallette Handstand -> Any variation without wall assistance

(F-1) Rotate through the following 3 stations:

  1. Double Under Ladder or Practice for 5 min
  2. One Arm KB Rows
  3. 10-10-10-10-10 Toes-To-Bar & Pistols