WOD and WEEKLY PREVIEW: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

(A) 5 min Soft Tissue Work

(B) 10 min GymNASTY Mobility Warm-Up

(C) Barbell Drills

  • 3x Behind the Neck Press
  • 3x Press
  • 3x Push Press
  • 4x Tall Jerks
  • 4x Push Jerks
  • 5x Tall Split Jerks
  • 2x Split Jerks
  • 3x Behind the Head Jerks
  • 2x Split Jerks

(D) In 20 Minutes, Do the Following Complex for 8-12 rounds, not for time:

  • 1x Push Press + 1x Behind the Neck Jerk/Split + 1xJerk

Once you cannot Push Jerk, shrink the complex to:

  • 1x Behind the Neck Jerk/Split + 1x Jerk/Split

Once you cannot do both, switch to:

  • 1x Jerk/Split Jerk

(E-1) Performance and SWOL

Either one then the other, or alternate between the two movements

  • 4x12 Weighted Back Step Lunges (Optional: Off 35# plate)
  • 5x10 Barbell Rows

(E-2) Lean Machine

  • 4x12 Weighted Back Step Lunges, then...
  • 1.5k Row for Time