WOD (GymNASTY): Monday, May 19, 2014

This is the last week you will see GymNASTY three times a week. Starting next week, gymnastic skill work will be mixed and matched with other body weight or barbell movements on most days.

The weekly preview will be posted tonight, along with Tuesday's WOD.

(A) 10 min GymNASTY Mobility Warm-Up

(B) Holds, Priming for a Hand Stand

  • 1 min Plank (40s)
  • 1 min Round Body Hold (40s)
  • 1 min Plate Hold
  • 1 min Frog Stand/Straight Frog Stand
  • 1 min Wall Facing Handstand

(C) 3-5 min Spotter Assisted Kick Ups to Handstand

(D) 5-7 min Spotter Assisted Freestanding Handstands

(E) 4 Min Tabata, alternating between:

  • Plank Hold
  • Plank MU Transition

(F) Controlled Pull-Ups (3 Rds) & Dips (3 Rds), 35s ON, 25s OFF ... Or 6 Minutes of Negative Strict Muscle Up Practice

(G) 4 Min Tabata: Candlestick Holds, and Frogstand Holds

(H) Controlled Ring Rows (3 Rds) & Push-Ups (3 Rounds), 35s ON, 25s OFF

(I) Alternate between these three stations for a total of 9 rounds, 33s ON, 22s OFF

  • Dips/Banded Dips
  • Wall Balls
  • Roll to Candlestick

Will. Lateral Lunges. Photo by Rafael Vega