WOD (GymNASTY): Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(A) 10 min GymNASTY Mobility Warm-Up

(B) Hold Sequence

  • 1 min Plank (40s)
  • 1 min Round Body Hold (40s)
  • 1 min Plate Hold
  • 1 min Frog Stand/Straight Frog Stand
  • 1 min Wall Facing Handstand

(C) Freestanding Handstands

  • 3-5 min Spotter Assisted Kick Ups to Handstand
  • 5-7 min Spotter Assisted Freestanding Handstands

(D) Plank Goodness

4 Min Tabata, alternating between

  • Plank MU Transition (Forearms to Hands ... No Chicken Winging)
  • Plank Hold

(E) Pull-Push I, 35s On 25 OFF

Alternate between

  • Controlled Pull-Ups (3 Rds)
  • Dips (3 Rds)

OR 6 Minutes of Negative Strict Muscle Up Practice

(F) Find a 5 Rep Max Press in 15 Minutes

Trainers, start the clock and limit this to 15 minutes.
Athletes, use your time wisely. Make smart jumps in weight.

(G) Bent Over Barbell Rows, Heavy 5x10

Time Permitting

Thania. Kick-up to Handstand. Photo by Rafael Vega