WOD: Saturday, July 5, 2014

Regular classes today!

Also: If you're thinking of joining, our $100 initiation fee is down to $20 July 5-7.

Today's Workout

(A) Foam Roller (5 min)

(B) Hard ball work (LAX, peanut, softball etc.) (5 min)

(C) Dynamic Stretching and Moderate Floor Skill-Mobility Drills 

(D) Plyometrics (Box Jumps) and Agility Drills

(E) Partner WOD: as a  2-3 person team, in any order, complete the following with a 15 minute time cap:

  • 6 rope climbs or 12 muscle ups (scale to 12 negative muscle-ups or 24 ring rows)
  • 3 minute handstand (scaled version as needed) 
  • 3 x 200 meter sprint
  • 90 tuck-ups

(F) If time remaining complete:

  1. Static Stretching (1 min each):
    1. Center Split
    2. Right Split
    3. Left Split
    4. Pankace
    5. Squat Holds
  2. LAX Ball in-depth work (5 min) 

Nadya. Last Rep of Grace. Photo by Rafael Vega