WOD: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

(C) Snatch Drills

(D) Clean Drills

(E) Press/Push Press/Power Jerk/Split Jerk Drills

(F) GymNASTY Holds, 40s ON, 20s OFF

  • Forearm Plank
  • L-Sit/L-Straddle
  • Round Body
  • Plate Overhead
  • Frog Stand
  • Wall Facing Handstand
  • Side Plank Left
  • Side Plank Right
  • Wall Facing Handstand
  • Hollow Body

(I) Controlled Chin-Ups and Controlled Push-Ups, 30s ON, 20s OFF

  • Chin-Up 6s Negative
  • Push-Up 6s Negative
  • Chin-Up 5s Negative
  • Push-Up 5s Negative
  • Chin-Up 4s Negative
  • Push-Up 4s Negative
  • Max Chin-Ups OR Max Chin Over Bar Hold
  • Max Push-Ups

(J-1) For athletes that did not come on Tuesday: AMRAP Ladder in 8 Minutes of

2-4-6-8-10, etc.

  • Burpee
  • Slam Ball Ladder

(J-2) For athletes that did come on Tuesday: 10 minutes of jogging or easy rowing

Heather. 900 Single Unders in 7 Minutes! Photo by Rafael Vega