WOD: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

  • Add Couch Stretch after Wall Facing Squats (See photo below)
  • Add Good Mornings after Pass Throughs

(C) GymNASTY holds

  • Hollow Body
  • Superman
  • Plank Hold
  • 20 Push Ups
  • Forearm Hold
  • Headstand
  • 25 Hollow Body Rocks (Not Timed)
  • 25 Superman Rocks (Not Timed)

(D) Pull-Ups

  • 2x 20-30s Practice moving between global flexion (hollow body) to global extension (superman); 30s Rest between sets
  • 2x 5-10 Kipping Pull-Ups/Banded Kipping Pull-ups (emphasize tight legs and no scorpion kicks!); 30s Rest between sets

(E) Dips

  • 2x 5-10 Ring Dips/Banded Ring Dips (focus on keeping shoulders in front, elbow stacked over hand); 30s Rest between sets

(F) Ring Row

  • 2x5-10 Scaled Ring Rows; 30s Rest between sets
  • 2x5-10 Ring Rows/Banded Ring Rows (Feet Propped up on box almost as high as rings)
  • 2x5-10 Kipping Ring Rows (Feet Propped up on box, body starting on ground; descend with control)

(G) Muscle-Up

  • 15 Candlestick Transition Drill (Like Candlestick Rolls except you don't come up in a squat ... allow momentum to carry you forward into a partial squat, so that you hit a dip position before standing tall)
  • 2x5-10 Ring Muscle-Up Floor Drill (Bridge to Dip position)
  • 2x5-10 Bar Muscle-Up Floor Drill (Bridge to Dip position)
  • 2x5 No Arm Pull Banded Hip Drive on Rings
  • 2x5 Band Sit Up (Banded Hip Drive + Arm Pull, into sit up)

For more on today's drills, please see:

(H) Hard WOD (taking Thursday off) and Easy WOD (coming Thursday)

Hard WOD: Fran in 6 minutes or < (scale accordingly)


  • Thrusters 95/65
  • Pull-Ups

Easy WOD: 1-2K Easy Row or Run

Roxy. Couch Stretch. Photo by Rafael Vega