WOD: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(A) Soft Tissue Work (5 min)

(B) GymNASTY mobility

(C) GymNASTY Holds: 40s ON, 20s OFF

  • Hollow Body
  • Superman
  • Front Support
  • L Tuck
  • Frog Stand
  • Head Stand
  • Hand Stand


  • 45 Hollow Rocks
  • 45 Superman Rocks

(D) Ring Rows and Muscle Ups

  • 2x5 Scaled RR
  • 2x5 Hardest RRs you can do
  • 2x5 Kipping Rings to Chest
  • 2x5 Kipping Rings to Hips
  • 1x5 MU Transitions (start by hanging from rings and band, kip up and through to the bottom of dip); Sub: MU floor transitions
  • 1x5 Negative Muscle Ups; Sub: Dips, Banded or Partner Assisted Dips
  • 1x3 Muscle Up Attempts; Sub: Dips, Banded or Partner Assisted Dips

(E) Alternating Rounds of Pull Up/Chin Up & Wall Climbers (Starting/Ending in Front Support)

40s ON, 20s OFF for 8 minutes

  1. Negative Pull Ups (5s down)
  2. Max Wall Climbers
  3. Max Strict Pull Ups (sub: max hold chin-over-bar)
  4. Max Wall Climbers
  5. Negative Chin Ups (5s down)
  6. Max Wall Climbers
  7. Max Chest to Bar Chin Ups (sub: max hold chest-to-bar or chin-over-bar)
  8. Max Wall Climbers

(F) For Time


  • Toes to Bar (sub: V-Ups -> Tuck Ups -> Butterfly Sit-Ups -> Sit-Ups)
  • Unbroken Wall Balls ... Wall ball is either in the air, hitting the target, or in you hands ... If wall ball touches ground or is touching wall while making contact with your body, you must restart the set

Jackie. Ball Slams. Photo by Rafael Vega