WOD: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

(A) Soft Tissue

(B) GymNASTY Mobility

(C) Warm Up WOD

3 Rounds of 5 Burpees, 5 Push Ups, 15 SDHP

(D) Fast Reps: 2 points for finishing objective in less than 1 minute/1:15. 1 Point for finishing objective in less than 2 minutes. 0 points for not finishing objective.

  • STATION 1: 4x Every Two Minutes, Row 10 Cal and 10 Slam Balls for Time, rest with remaining time
  • STATION 2: 4x Every Two Minutes, 12 Burpees, 10 Toes to Bar for Time
  • STATION 3: 4x Every Two Minutes, 10 One Arm KB Thrusters, 10 Kipping Pull Ups
  • STATION 4: 4x Everty Two Minutes, 30 American Swings

After class bro time:

  • 4x10 Behind Neck Snatch Grip Press (33-85#s)
  • 3x3-6 Heavy Bicep Curls4x Max Rep Slow Zottman Curls
  • 4x Max Rep Pass-the-Batton Slow Tricep Extensions
  • 3 Sets of Max Alternating Pistols (Single Leg Squats) Every Other Minute
  • Reverse Hypers and Hollow Rocks (Alternating sets) 5x20-30

Donna. Wall Balls. Photo by Rafael Vega