PROJECT BREAKDOWN DAY 39: Thursday, May 7, 2015

Make-Up Day! Skill Day! Active Recovery.

(A) Soft Tissue Work

(B) GymNASTY Mobility

(C) MAKE UP Monday or Wednesdays workout

  • IF you are doing Fran on Friday, do not make up Monday's workout
  • IF you are not coming on Friday and you came Wednesday, you are doing Fran TODAY ... Don't you dare run away from me while I'm talking to you. I said you're doing Fran, now grab a barbell and warm up those thrusters.
  • IF you are not doing Fran this week, I will make you do Fran next week or the week after that. Why? Because I love you.
  • IF you're just not feeling any of this but you want to come anyway, yes, fine, we can work on a gymnastic or barbell skill of your choosing. But first, bring me something to eat.

(D) Cool Down, like super chill.

Thanks, bitch. Photo: Rafael Vega