Saturday & Sunday Weekly Prep: June 18-25, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility (Arms)

  • Band Pull Aparts
  • Arm Swings
  • Pass Throughs
  • Around the Worlds
  • Wrist Mobility

(C) Rings (Long Straps ... rings close to floor)

  • Plank w/ external rotation of shoulders
  • Plank w/ turn out on rings
  • Ring Push Ups w/ turn out
  • Archer Ring Push Ups
    • w/ partner (spotter)
    • w/o spotter

(D) The Wall

  • Superman Hold and Reps
  • Hollow Body Hold and Rocks
  • Wall Climbers
  • Wall Facing Handstand Holds
  • Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

(E) Parallettes

  • Tuck Hold
  • Tuck Swing
  • L-Sit Switch
  • L-Sit

(F) Rings (Short Straps ... rings above waist)

  • Ring turn out hold (Top of dip movement)
  • Ring turn outs
  • Ring dips and top/bottom holds
  • Ring rows
  • False grip ring row
  • Muscle up transition

(G) Pull Up Bar

  • Chest to Bar Chin Up Hold and Pull Up Hold
  • Neg Chin Up for Max Time (slow descent)
  • Neg Pull Up for Max Time (slow descent)
  • Mixed Grip Chicken Wing Chin Ups
    • w/ jump assist
    • w/o jump assist

(H) 4 Min Tabata (Score = Total Reps)

20s Max Push Ups
10s Rest
20s Max Burpees
10s Rest