ROME, DAY 39: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today is a make up day/open gym day except for the Weightlifting and CrossFit Open tracks.

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + X

WL/CFOpen: Mobility + Band Pull Aparts and Drop into Split x5 (increase weight after first 2 sets)

(C) PL/Begginers OR WL/CF Open

PL or Beginners: Make up a workout you missed this week or learn/practice skills

WL and CR Open

  • Clean and Jerk 5 Min Warm Up, then 15 minute WOD:
  • Find a 1RM Clean and Jerk in 10 Minutes
  • When Time expires: Half Grace + Max Burpees in 5 Minutes
  • Write C+J and Burpee scores on board
  • 800m Jog
  • Clean Deadlift 4x3 @ 120% of 1RM
  • Mobility

ROME, DAY 16: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + Band Pull Aparts (1st 4), x10 Ring Rows (Next 4)

(C) 400m Jog + 400m Run

(D) 4x100m Sprints

(E) In heats as needed...

For Time
50 Cal Row
50 Thrusters 45/33
30 Pull Ups

(F) After Class Greatness

3 circuits of:
x5-10 snatch grip press
x5-10 lateral side tosses to wall/side
x5-10 press from the split
max ring rows or max unbroken muscle ups

Mobility after circuit work

Photo: Rafael Vega

Photo: Rafael Vega

PROJECT BREAKDOWN DAY 94: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

(A) Soft Tissue

(B) Eyes Shut GymNASTY Mobility

(C) Eyes Shut Barbell Drills: Press, Push Press, Front Squat, Thrusters

(D) Warm Up Thrusters and Pull Ups for ...


Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups

(F) Snatch Balance Perfect Reps w/ Barbell 6x3

(G) Circuit Training. 4x10-15:

  • Palms Out Barbell Rows x8-12
  • Snatch Grip Press x8-12
  • Bench Reverse Hypers x8-12
  • Russian Plate Sit Ups x8-12

(H) Cool Down Jog

Christina. Eyes shut snatch balance.     Photo: Rafael Vega

Christina. Eyes shut snatch balance.  Photo: Rafael Vega