SkillStrength 1.6: Saturday, April 2, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility (add push back to Deep Lunge Sequence) + Band Pull Aparts

(C) Ring Row Review and Practice

Practice: 5x5 of the hardest Ring Rows you can do with perfect form

(D) Perfect Kipping Pull Up Pass/Fail

Trainer: Divide class into three groups:

  • Perfect (Pass)
  • Needs Fine Tuning (Fail)
  • No Reps (Fail)

(E) Pull Up Work


  • 5x3-5 Negative Pull Ups (5s Down) ... one set every 2 minutes
  • 5x3-5 Negative Chin Ups (5s Down) ... one set every 2 minutes


  • Kipping Drills
  • 2x3-5 Negative Pull Ups (5s Down)

(F) 400m Jog + 400m Run

(G) .33 Murph

400m Run
33 Pull Ups (If Passed Pull Up test) ... 33 Ring Rows (If Failed Pull Up test)
66 Push Ups
99 Air Squats
400m Run

... But I can do pull ups! Did you pass the test? No? We are in a season of fixing your mechanics so don't bother with ugly looking shit even if it would technically count in the Open.

(H) Cooldown: 1 Mile Jog + Muscle Mash

ROME, DAY 40: Friday, February 12, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + Band Pull Aparts (1st 4), 5 Strict Pull Ups and + 25 Jumping Jacks (next 2), 5 Kipping Pull Ups +25 Jumping Jacks (last 2)

(C) 400m Jog + 400m Run

(D) For Time:

800m Run
100 Wall Balls
400m Run
Partician as needed: 50 Pull Ups + 100 Push Ups
200m Med Ball Carry
50 Pistols
800m Run


PROJECT OPEN DAY 122: Thursday, December 31, 2015


(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + Band Pull Aparts (1st 4), x25 Jumping Jacks (Next 4)

(C) Jog 400m + Run 400m

(D) Partner WOD for time

4x400m Relay (each partner runs x2)
Complete the following as a team in any order, with only one teammate working at a time:

  • 100 pull ups
  • 200 wall balls
  • 300 slam balls

4x400m Relay (each partner runs x2)

(E) Circuit Work x5 of

x10-20 Bench Hypers
x10-20 Russian Twists
x10-20 Weighted Side Lunges (x5-10/side)
x10-20 Bottoms-Up Single KB press
x10-20 Bent-Over Barbell Rows

PROJECT BREAKDOWN DAY 58: Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today is a Make-Up Day/Active Recovery Day/Open Gym Day

Make Up MURPH or 1/2 Murph today!

If making up at 8 a.m., 12:30 p.m. or 7:15 p.m., make sure you can complete Murph in one hour or show up during the previous class to warm-up.

All others: active recovery, skill work (with or without trainer assistance) and some good ole GymNASTY HOLDS.

Open Gym. Photo: Rafael Vega

PROJECT BREAKDOWN DAY 57: Memorial Day, May 25, 2015


(A) Soft Tissue Work

(B) GymNasty Mobility

(C) Trainer's Choice Warm Up WOD

(D) Movement Review and Scaling Options for (E)

(E) Murph. For time, using a 20/15 pound vest or ruck/rucksack:

  • 1600m Run (two laps around the block, each lap starting and ending at the bottom of the ramp)
  • Complete all of the following in any rep scheme and order you'd like:
    • 100 Pull-Ups
    • 200 Push-Ups
    • 300 Air Squats
  • 1600m Run

"WAIT. THAT'S TO FKN HARD!!!" No worries, here are some scaling options.

"This is my third time doing CrossFit" Murph

  • 400m Run
  • 25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls OR 25 Pull Ups
  • 50 Push Ups or Knee Push Ups
  • 75 Air Squats
  • 400m Run

Super Beginer 1/2 Murph

  • 800m Run
  • 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
  • 100 Knee Push-Ups
  • 150 Air Squats
  • 800m Run

Halfers All The Way Murph

  • 800m Run
  • 50 Pull Ups
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 150 Air Squats
  • 800m Run

I-like-to-Run 1/2 Murph

  • 1600m Runs
  • 50 Pull Ups
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 150 Air Squats
  • 1600m Runs

(F) Cooldown: Gymnasty Mobility + Soft Tissue + Easy Cardio

Leif. Photo: Rafael Vega