SkillStrength 1.6: Saturday, April 2, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility (add push back to Deep Lunge Sequence) + Band Pull Aparts

(C) Ring Row Review and Practice

Practice: 5x5 of the hardest Ring Rows you can do with perfect form

(D) Perfect Kipping Pull Up Pass/Fail

Trainer: Divide class into three groups:

  • Perfect (Pass)
  • Needs Fine Tuning (Fail)
  • No Reps (Fail)

(E) Pull Up Work


  • 5x3-5 Negative Pull Ups (5s Down) ... one set every 2 minutes
  • 5x3-5 Negative Chin Ups (5s Down) ... one set every 2 minutes


  • Kipping Drills
  • 2x3-5 Negative Pull Ups (5s Down)

(F) 400m Jog + 400m Run

(G) .33 Murph

400m Run
33 Pull Ups (If Passed Pull Up test) ... 33 Ring Rows (If Failed Pull Up test)
66 Push Ups
99 Air Squats
400m Run

... But I can do pull ups! Did you pass the test? No? We are in a season of fixing your mechanics so don't bother with ugly looking shit even if it would technically count in the Open.

(H) Cooldown: 1 Mile Jog + Muscle Mash

SkillStrength 1.3: Wednesday, March 30, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility Cycle with trainer corrections (add push back to Deep Lunge Sequence)

(C) In either order 400m Jog + 500m Row, then 400m Run

(D) Band Pull Apart and Pull Up Standards + Scaling Options

Strict Pull Up and Kipping Pull Up PASS/FAIL test ... grade is given by trainer
Range of Motion as well as technique will determine your grade ... if you need work even if you can sort of get it, you'll probably get a FAIL ;)

(E) CrossFit Baseline For Time

500m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups (Write Score + Pass/Fail on Pull Ups)

Example of score written on board:
Federico 4:55 Rx Fail (Strict Pull Ups), Pass (Kipping Pull Ups)
Or Shortened
Federico 4:55 Rx F, P

(F) Cooldown: 1 Mile Jog+Muscle Mash

ROME, DAY 33: Friday, February 5, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + Band Pull Aparts (1st 4), 5 Strict Pull Ups and + 25 Jumping Jacks (next 2), 5 Kipping Pull Ups +25 Jumping Jacks (last 2)

(C) Equipment Set Up and Warm Up for Franny D

(D) Warm Up for Franny D

(E) 10 Minute AMRAP of

10 Thrusters 115/83
9 Pull Ups
8 Deadlifts 205/133
7 HSPUs (one bar only)

Heat 2

Heat 3

(F) 1 Mile Cooldown

(G) Full Mobility Cycle + Band Pull Aparts

Photo: Rafael Vega

Photo: Rafael Vega

ROME, DAY 31: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

(A) Muscle Mash

(B) Mobility + Band Pull Aparts (1st 4), x6 Eccentric Chin Ups = x3 7s Hold + 7s Negative and x3 10s Negative, each set followed by 1 Minute Plank Hold

(C) 400m Jog + 400m Run

(D) 4x100m Sprints

(E) Bench Press 4x8-10 @60-70% w/ 3s Pause (25 minute cut off)

Odd sets followed by max pull ups
Even sets followed by max chin ups (no kip), 12 Cal Sprint Row

... When done with bench sets, do 2 more sets of max strict pulls and 12 cal row

Swim club? Photo: Rafael Vega

Swim club? Photo: Rafael Vega